Fears and Phobias

How we can help you

Our approach to resolving and removing  a phobia is very gentle. We never expect anyone to experience their fear, in the hope that they will become desensitized, as we believe this to be unnecessarily stressful.

We (Nikki and Chris) use a variety of hypnotherapy and related  techniques to rapidly resolve a phobia, often in a single session. The changes experienced are lasting and can be far reaching.

We will take a history from someone regarding when they first experienced the phobia, how it is affecting them and discuss what they would be able to do without the phobia. This allows us to personalise our approach to ensure success.

How you can help yourself

If you find yourself faced with the object of your fear, or feel the onset of a panic attack,  here are a few things you can do to control the physiological and emotional sensations of panic.


These simple techniques can be used to control unwanted symptoms as they occur. To find our how hypnotherapy can stop them permanently just get in touch for a free informal chat.

Have a look at our webpage where we have put some interesting facts about phobias.