Quantum Journeys Hypnosis

What is Quantum Journeys Hypnosis (QJH)?

QJH helps you gain a deep understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and how to use it to overcome a wide range of issues, from anxiety and phobias to chronic pain, weight management and motivation.

What sets QJH apart from other, more traditional forms of hypnosis is that we take a multidimensional approach, which means we’re not JUST working with the subconscious mind. We’re also working with the client’s highest consciousness, sometimes also called highest self or super conscious mind. We do this by combining elements of neuroscience, principals of quantum physics as well as expanded states of awareness.

This allows QJH clients to access past lives, meet spirit guides, communicate with their own inner healer, design and orchestrate quantum jumps and maybe even visit the Akashic records while in a deep state of trance.

What Can QJH be used for?

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Past Life Regression 

Gain understanding, knowledge and resources from other lifetimes.

Visit The Temple of Healing 

Meet your Inner Healer and get guidance for inner healing, restoring the imbalances at physical, emotional or energetic levels.

Communicate with your Highest Self 

Gain insight, understanding, knowledge and guidance for your highest good.

Meet your Helpers and Guides 

Our guides and helpers can come to us in many different forms. These can be guardian angels, ancestors, spirit or animal guides or even imaginary friends from your childhood. Meeting your guides and helpers can help you feel a deeper sense of love, support, and profound connection.

Create and download your own Quantum Jump 

Be the artist and architect of your own destiny by first discovering the existing blueprint of your future.

Explore your own Mindscape 

Navigate through the internal map relating to issues you wish to resolve. Making changes to your internal map can have a profound effect on your life.

If you are interested in how to become a certified Quantum Journeys Hypnosis practitioner  simply go to www.kryssamariebowman.com