Everyone experiences anxiety to some degree. In fact, our lives would be a lot more hazardous were it not for a level of anxiety that stops us from doing something dangerous. I experience a small amount of anxiety whenever I come close to the edge of a cliff. It keeps me alive and stops me from putting myself in unnecessary danger.

If it stops someone from leaving the house, driving on a main road or just  enjoying taking part in everyday life, then it becomes a issue.

Uncontrolled anxiety can make us want to run away, as far and as fast as we can, or it can cause us to freeze. It can affect our sleep, digestive and immune systems. 

Whatever the effect, excess anxiety is unhealthy and is something that should be controlled... and it can.

More and more we are hearing that anti-anxiety medications do not match up to the task. They have unwanted side-effects   and fail to address the causes of anxiety. Our motto, "If the problem lies within, so does the solution", can be applied to unwanted anxiety in the most profound way

With hypnosis and hypnotherapy we help clients to undo the causes of excess anxiety and put them back in control of their lives, teaching them techniques that can be used on an ongoing basis.

There are a few simple things you can do to deal with anxiety straight away. 

Have a look at the techniques below by clicking on each button, and use them when and where you need them. Then get in touch and find out how we can help you to stop anxiety before it starts.

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