Anxiety Tapping - faster EFT

Out with the bad...

Some of this might sound rather unusual but it really works.

When you are feeling anxious and/or overwhelmed by your emotions, feelings or even cravings, do the following ( read all the way through first). 

Think about, and I mean really focus on, what it is that is upsetting you or stressing you out, or simply the feeling of anxiety. Identify it and give it a name.

Aim to give the feeling a location in your body.

Perhaps "That feeling in my chest when I think of needles " (or "my job" or "my ex-boyfriend".

Give it a number from 0 to to 10, where 10 is the most anxious you could feel.

Use two or three fingers of your right hand and tap hard enough to hear,  but not hard enough to hurt, while saying and thinking out loud the name of that feeling,  along with the words "Let it go", for bursts of around twenty seconds

Tap in the places shown on the picture and listed below.

1.   The apex of your head

2.   The middle of your forehead. 

3.   The side of your eye by the right or left temple

4.   The lower bone of your right or left eye socket

5.   Your collar bone, on the underside, just before it joins your breast bone

6.   Now take hold of your wrist without a watch on, and squeeze it gently , still saying the name of that feeling followed by "Let it go"

7.   Take a deep breath in and release it SLOWLY saying the word "Peace".

Now see what number you give that feeling. Try to locate it.

Repeat it a few times to get it down to zero, or as close to zero as you can.

It may help if you drink a glass of water a few minutes beforehand.

(Why does this work so well? I don't pretend to understand why this is so effective, but it has proven its worth over and over)

...and in with the good

Now that you have dealt with negative feelings, it's time to replace them with positive ones

To install positive feelings whenever you need to, trace a line down the back of your hand in between your little finger and ring finger. The place on your hand is known as the Gamut Point.

Tap repeatedly on the gamut point with the fingertips of the other hand for between 30 seconds to a minute.

As you do, state out loud and really get in touch with how you wish to feel.

For example:

Notice the difference in how much better you feel.

Credit to Mike Mandel of the MMHA, and to Robert Smith for their powerful adaptation of this wonderful technique.

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I know it must seem unusual but this has been shown to have a profound and rapid positive effect.