Weight Loss and Management

The idea of losing weight seems logical at first. If you are carrying too much weight, then losing it seems to be ab obvious thing to do.

 Nevertheless, when we lose something like our keys, our purse or wallet, or even time, we do what we can to get it back. 

We prefer to speak in terms of "Weight Management" rather than loss, putting you back in control. (It is worth noting that people sometimes have difficulty putting on weight too.)

If you've been having trouble keeping weight off then it is possible that your unconscious mind has been "helping" you to reclaim it, just as you would want for anything else that you have "lost". 

So what can we do to help?

Our Weight Loss Programme is tailored around the individuals requirements to help them make simple lifestyle changes, improve their relationship with food, removing unwanted eating habits, and increase the metabolism and motivation, allowing them to achieve their physical goals.

Using  Hypnotherapy, we can help someone deal with the causes of weight issues. We find positive ways in which the unconscious mind can support them reaching their goals. We can also locate and resolve any inner conflicts that may be causing a person to hold on to unwanted weight and unhealthy eating habits.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a metaphoric approach to portion size that allows you to experience the sensation of having a smaller stomach. Allowing you to feel fuller with smaller amounts of food.  The programme combines a range of hypnosis techniques, including Freddy Jacquin’s Virtual Gastric Band to help you achieve your weight loss goals and improve your relationship with food.

The Virtual Weight Loss Jab is a metaphoric approach that suppresses your appetite naturally, reducing feelings of hunger. The program combines a range of hypnosis techniques, including Sheila Granger’s Virtual Weight Loss Jab to help you achieve your weight loss goals and improve your relationship with food

Key benefits of the Weight Loss Programme

To arrange a free, informal chat about how hypnotherapy could help you achieve your goals, just contact us using any of the methods at the bottom of this page. There is never any obligation to continue.

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